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Where Does Your Creativity Come From?

The Oxford English dictionary defines creativity as the use of skill and imagination to produce something new or to produce art.

Creativity has taken place when something new and valuable has been formed. Creating a painting or writing a novel culminates in a product, a thing that serves a purpose – painters, artists, metalworkers, inventors, carpenters are all creative people because what they produce can be both new and useful. However, not everyone is an eminent inventor or revered artist, even though they may be inventors and artists.

So now that we know what the proper terminology of creativity comes from and the definition lets chat on a question I am asked a lot.

"Where does your creativity come from?

Truly, I can't say scientifically but emotionally I can tell you I am very in tuned with my ideas, thoughts and builds. Majority of the time it's inspiration. Inspired by something I saw by someone else, but alter it in ways that connect with me, connect with my thoughts, my feelings and perhaps who I also am trying to connect to.

I start with a blank canvas of wood with every build, every sign and every project. Its like a fresh set of bed sheets, or a start of a new day and your just staring at the morning with opportunity. I stare at the wood, I examine the grains I see the patterns, how small or how large the grains are. Do they tell a story, a timeline that I can capture. How many scores are in the board and how large are they? Once I understand the wood I am working with then my ideas move with it.

Sometimes I don't talk to the wood, sometimes I just say, "hey you were chosen to be a table, lets get it!" However, I stay in tune with things about that table, perhaps if it's just a table I am making to shoot the breeze, I will think about what person I am trying to attract. Loud colors- bold colors- spontaneous patterns- who will desire these things?

If it's an order that already has a canvas pre-drawn, someone who already knows what they want down to the color and finish then I know that my creativity lies in their direction but with my skills.

I do a lot of research, I follow I can't count how many Instagram's, Tik Toks, Facebook Groups, and pages. I love researching articles and tools because there is always someone who has tried what you wouldn't dare or they inspired you to take what they did do and improve it.

My creativity is fueled by

Education- Emotions- Personality- Patience- and Fun.

I truly find these are truly how I can take a scrap board and find a use for it. Many times my ideas can be over the top but worth it in the end! I don't know how many times my husband has asked me, "Are you sure?"

I am the risk taker he is the analyzer-

What stems your creativity, what do you find yourself doing to prep your blank canvas. How can this relate to your everyday outlook on life?

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