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What Appeals to You?

Many times when I decorate a sign, or start a project I sit and stare at a blank canvas, board or layers of supplies trying to wrap my mind around one thing....What can I make that is appealing enough for someone to want?

I don't always make it to say, "What can I make and how much can I make from this?" but more so "How can this appeal to someone who is seeking the color gray, or floral or a meaningful quote." I love making things, but I love even more so having a purpose behind the item.

When I choose a fabric and a color- many times I try to choose something that appeals to someone else. If I made everything that appeals to me, well people would know and probably not be so keen to be interested. I have a friend who admires farmhouse décor and I personally don't. I feel it looks great in the right setting and households but I personally wouldn't decorate my home with the theme. However, I have to remember that appeals to someone else, and that is what they want so I should be open to creating something with that theme style even though its not my personal cup of tea.

Everyone is so different, so many versions of "favorite colors, patterns, shapes, etc." So many masculine options, feminine options, decisions based on ethnics, race and even gender. We are in a revolving world of gender uniqueness and equality. We can't close ourselves to only what is "the norm." Truthfully what exactly is the norm anyway?

I have a friend who is a school age art teacher, and she and her husband often times relate to themselves as, "weird." When I first met them the last thing that came to my mind about them was the word, "weird." I saw them as, "uplifting, inspiring, loving, and goofy." However the more I got to know them and their hobbies, the more I continued to think, "No they are not weird-" Because who is to say that my hobbies, and admirations aren't "weird?" Just because someone appeals to Star Wars over The Kardashians doesn't make them weird, or a girl who appeals to motorcycles over makeup doesn't make her any less of a girl.

Everyone has something that appeals to them and who are we to judge someone else based on what makes them happy, content and complete?

What appeals to you?

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