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Hey Friends! Today is Thanksgiving and what other amazing day to write a blog than on the day of thanks, food, family and fall weather.

I wanted to take a moment to express what I am thankful for this past year 2019. It has been a wild 2019 and there were many trials but I believe God puts us through situations to learn lessons, provide strength and rely on him.

1. My daughter- I am ever so thankful for my daughter, she has been growing and maturing and as much as I want her to slow down I am thankful for how sweet, kind, patient and understanding she is even through trials. She is the most lovable little girl and I am honored to show her how to love unconditionally and forgive those who may have hurt her but without anger.

2. Friends- WOW 2019 I have leaned on my friends so much this year, I have cried more tears this year than in many years. I sadly lost some friends along the way, not death but differences of choices. However, it has only given me more resiliency to situations that happen when people move on or apart. My friends have been my crutch through my illness, they have uplifted me when I have been at my lowest depression, through relationship woes, miscarriage and hard times in general. My best friend Ashton dropped everything in a two week time frame to jet away with me to Padre for a weekend that was supposed to be of love but instead we enjoyed in laughs and with our beautiful babies.

3. Opportunities- I am thankful for many opportunities that have appeared throughout the year, opportunities that at some point I was actually very ungrateful for but now thankful I experienced it. My job, being in graduate school, balancing my own business, seeking counseling and opening my health horizons. All of these things all have a reason in my life and I am grateful and thankful for them.

4. My Small Business- Wow my business this year took a complete turn when I decided I was going to try to incorporate furniture building into my craft. Wood is my specialty- I see it and immediately design in my head what it could be, so having the faith and drive to build and allow fans and followers to watch me along the way was a huge step. I am so beyond happy I took the leap, and even more so humbled by the support of those around me. If you would have asked me a year ago to build or restore furniture I would think about it but probably never act on it, but I am so glad I did. Building my own bed from scratch restored my confidence, comforted my focus on my worth and made me proud. I am so excited for what the next projects will be in the future and how I will release my emotions into them.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

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