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Quarantined or Naw?

Hey Folks!

So haven't posted lately- life has been a little crazier than usual can't you agree?

Three weeks ago I was in NYC - Spring Break with my daughter and my best friend and her daughter. This lovely COVID-19 decided to spread like a wild fire and affect the globe but more specifically lately has hit the US like a bag of bricks.

We left and quarantined ourselves for the 14 day required days after traveling only to find out I was terminated from my full time job. I would hear about people getting laid off left and right. However I was terminated- not to have a job to return to- that was a hard pill to swallow. I did nothing wrong but they "did away with my position," as it was explained and if and when they bring it back could be way into the fall or winter. I wanted to feel anger and frustration however I told myself there is way more important things I can channel my energy towards.

Today is day ten of being "officially unemployed" and day 22 since I have worked a real payroll job. However I don't feel "quarantined, isolated or alone," I feel like this is a reset that I truly needed. I pray daily that relief is brought forward from this virus, that people will obey the laws set to protect everyone and pray for the most vulnerable to this virus. I personally know two people who have tested positive for it and one did not make it. This virus is real and scary!

Quarantine sounds scary- and not very welcoming so I would like to say "Naw- I am not quarantining." I am enjoy the time spent with my daughter and those of you who haven't had "time" or always spread thin can take advantage of this blessing. There are still millions of individuals working the frontlines working and essential as they are labeled who still don't have the time we have to sit at home.

I am not quarantining because I am finishing home décor projects on time frames I desire, I have visions to learn new skills and this time allows that and focus.

I am not quarantining because I don't feel so stressed between doing homework for class, spending time with Tia or working on décor projects after a long day working that 9-5pm

I am not quarantining being able to homeschool my child and learn with her and assist with her anxiety issues.

I am not quarantining cause I am finding new ways to appreciate the things in front of me versus at my fingertips. We idolize clothes, jewelry, fashion, purses, perfect nails, shoes, and material items. These non essential items have been closed down and taken away from us and we are learning to live without them and find a way of life we never knew.

I am not quarantining because I am trusting God through all of this- yes it's scary- yes governments are trying to help and we doubt them. We are filing unemployment and feel left out and not getting helping filing. We are trying to budget bills with money we don't have. I trust God through the process- I have never been without and I doubt I will start being without any time soon.

So no I am not quarantining- I am living- with a patient heart and enjoy the time given back to me, the relationships I haven't been able to build or the passion into crafts I wasn't able to fully give.

What is something you find you are more grateful for and appreciate more with the changes we are facing? What are fears you have during this concerning period?

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