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New Year-----New Creations!!!

Hey Friends!

Sorry I have been quiet for the last couple weeks, I had a medical procedure on 12/4/2019 and just now getting back into the swing of things! Today marks day 30 since my procedure and I am probably about 80% back to myself!

However, I am excited for 2020- typically around the end of each year and beginning of another one we see thousands of posts on social media referencing "New Year New Me," or "New Year's Resolutions," or "Things I'm living in XXXX year" etc. The list goes on and on! Then we get into the new year and what do we actually leave in the old year? Do we actually create a new us?

I can totally attest to being someone who has used those lines and tried my hardest to maintain resolutions, workout regimes, new circles of friends, goals, financial savings plans, crossing off items on those bucket lists. Then I get to the end of the year feeling exactly like I was at the beginning with more debt, more weight gained, no improvements and no goals met. I've been there and I've also been blessed to say I have met goals, saved money, took those trips and attempted a better lifestyle change.

The point is, New Years' doesn't necessarily change who we are- in less than a months time or a few days we decide what we will change about ourselves- what we are going to do and then find ourselves feeling like a failure when we don't accomplish it or give up. I stopped doing that and being part of that "fad." I decided I am going to just live my life and set goals as I can achieve them.

I look at my year in review and ask myself many questions-

1. Who did I benefit in a positive way this year?

2. Who did I allow myself to bless in one way or another this year?

3. What financial decision did I make to better myself and my family?

4. What achievements am I most proud of that I accomplished this year?

5. Did I maintain relationships with healthy people who make healthy decisions?

6. Was I there for those who needed me most?

7. Did I overcome hardships and if so am I practicing healing and forgiveness or am I seeking anger and resentment?

My list of questions can continue on and on- but it helps me know what questions to ask at the end of this new year because I will see what questions I wasn't able to answer for the previous year.

I am excited for 2020 because here are some goals I see for this year and whether I achieve them or not I am proud I will try.

1. I will maintain a healthier lifestyle - with food and diet, eliminating prescriptions while keeping my RA in remission

2. I will take my daughter to NYC something she has asked since she was 6

3. I will create more furniture, restore more furniture into new, create more signs and maintain an inventory of products to sell and even donate to those in need.

4. I will have a gathering of women and celebrate just having great friends, laughs and relationships

5. I will finish my Master's Degree

6. I will have a better paying occupation

7. I will have a larger work space to build and paint in- and a new safe home

8. I will lose some weight (no set amount)

9. I will learn to forgive and trust those who hurt me

10. I will have laughs and memories made with my best friend, my daughter and my family

What are your goals for this new year - what are questions you have asked yourself for the previous year?

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