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About me!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

What inspired me? Why did I start projects and painting? Who am I? Well let's dig right in!

I am a Mommy to a beautiful little girl named Cintia, she is currently 10 years old. I work full time doing Accounting and obtained my Bachelor's in Hospitality Management from Oklahoma State University, (go pokes!). I recently finished my MBA with a focus in Finance and Accounting from Oklahoma Christian, with the aspirations to move on up in this busy world. My passions include hospitality, painting, helping and mentoring others, and a good cup of coffee.

I married my best friend, care-taker and very opposite husband Daniel and we both correspond in our business with builds and design. I feel I drag him along and teach him along the way and he is normally a good student.

I started crafting my first project in 2010 when I was pregnant with my daughter, I walked into a craft store and spotted some blank wood and decided I want to make something cute. A few paints, brushes and wooden letters later I was home crafting a sign for her nursery. It was after completing the sign to match her Hello Kitty nursery that I decided I loved it and wanted to do more. Friends who came over to my home and saw her handmade sign wanted to know where they could get one, so I started making signs for their babies as well.

About two years after that I started learning other crafts, using scrap booking paper, learning to make decorative crosses, fabrics and more. It was one day I saw a sign on calligraphy classes held at a local craft store, I was always intrigued with the lettering and figured why not?

I took the class, bought practice books on lettering elegant fonts, bold fonts, small fonts, large fonts and learned the importance of a ruler. Even today I still make mistakes, however what artist doesn't?

2013 I decided to create an online website, Facebook and Instagram and share my work with others. I have never been great with titles, so I kept it easy my initials with personaIs following after, TMHPersonals started up and I was getting a small rapport of sales and hearing the stories behind the purpose of that item they were wanting was heartwarming.

Crafting signs, crosses, painting, lettering and even learning to re-decorate furniture has brought me a bigger love than I ever imagined. It is my peace, it brings me calm and releases me after a tough day. Creating something from scratch is a humble feeling and sharing it with others is even more comforting than anything. I have customer's who have a story behind their personalized item that will tug at your heart, make you smile or be so proud of where they are today. I look at their decor item and see what they feel when they look at it.

I look forward to sharing my tips, tricks, videos, laughs and more during DIY journeys and crafting fun. So grab a paint brush, some paint and let's get started.

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