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Is Time On Your Side?

Hey Fans and Friends!

First off, congratulations for making through the longest January ever! Like who else felt like we time slowed down this month but yet we have anticipated it to hurry up and be over with? Made me wonder....about time!

I felt as a child and teenager- or in the 90's-early 2000's time did not go by as fast as it does today- I felt like maybe because I barely had responsibilities days dragged on- the sun didn't set as fast and the days didn't blur together so much.

For me time sped up when I graduated from high school and started being my own adult- college classes, assignments, deadlines made things seem like they were here in a heartbeat. Then it really kicked into gear after becoming a Mom. Precious moments and milestones were cherished and soon over. Our society seems always in a hurry, and we simply "don't have time" for this or that.

As my décor business has progressed since I started it- time also has become the best of me. Use to be before I made things for hobby and fun- no time constraints- my own pace and leisure. Now that I have actual clients, customer's needs, wants, requests and deadlines it truly makes you see how much you want to devote to one thing or another. I would love to just drop my day job and build and craft all day. Of course I am in no financial well being to do that yet, and I trust God has a plan and that's not it right now. However am I the only one that time gives anxiety to?

Like I feel like at times, Time has put me in some pretty anxious panic attacks. You look at your week ahead, 40-45 hour work week, child has dance practice, she has after school activities, you have to finish two projects for two separate clients, you have two exams and a paper to write for your MBA courses, you have a doctor's appointment in the middle of the week, you made a date, you agreed to meet up with friends. You just want to sit down and watch movies with the kiddo- then your in a full blown panic cause things overlap, kid wants more attention, you didn't finish the projects on time for the client. Your doctor appointment conflicts with work, your up till midnight working on a paper. BOOM!

Time is not on your side....

I sit and wondered how many of us allow the time of social media and online shopping to also take up our schedule- we could definitely be reminded of instead of checking my Instagram or Facebook I could be ….

We want everything on the go nowadays and are extremely inconvenienced when we are asked to wait. We take short cuts for everything, our diets, or dating, our marriages, and even our jobs. Used to be the average person would work at their jobs for years to retirement, nowadays it is a norm for an individual to be at their job for two years. Two years? Isn't a long time at all.

We settle for short cuts and when we don't have the option we refuse to complete or do what is asked of us or refuse to wait and be patient. We overload our schedules, we allow minor details to become the bigger picture and leave important factors out until those important factors come back and haunt us.

I feel bad sometimes when I say "Sunday is for my daughter, Sunday is Tia's day." Not because I gave my child time but because I literally have scheduled a day for my child because I am so busy during the week that I have to devote a day. That doesn't mean I am saying I don't spend time with her during the week but it means that we get home after work and school and are doing more tasks till bedtime. We call it lazy Sunday- we lay around- watch online church- read books, play outside, paint, watch her favorite shows, cook her favorite meals- and just enjoy OUR DAY. I do my utmost to not allow any interference with our day- it works for us.

I fear sometimes that we as a society are going to keep pushing for things to be faster, take more short cuts, demand more in a manner WE want it in. I feel that can compromise our safety, health and over all well being. So time isn't always on your side, but you must make be on time's side.

What's your schedule like? Do you take short cuts? Is time on your side?

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