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I wish....

How is your third week of 2020 going? Mine is going pretty fabulous I must say- I am completing two orders for a family member which is going to be amazing! I am making some pieces from spare wood to sell to public on my Etsy page. I am working my tail off in the gym, I have lost 50lbs since May 2019, I have drastically changed my diet and eating. I am balancing work life, mom life, finishing my masters program and whatever else is thrown my way!

This weekend I found myself saying, "I just wish I could have this, things would be easier." or "I wish I didn't have to do that, I would have more time for other things."

Then I looked up the definition of "WISH" - based on the Merriam Webster Dictionary wish is defined as "to have a desire for something, something unattainable or to give expression to"

Well that seems pretty accurate- we wish for things that are typically unattainable, but why? So we know our income can only afford our current bills, car, housing and we wish to have a larger car, a larger house, a vacation or to do something outrageous.

We see on social media those who can do all the things we can't and wonder, "why." Why is this unattainable for me but not them, we went to high school together, we are the same age, we have the same amount of kids, we live in the same city. Why can they do it but I have to wish for it?

I am a HUGE ambitious person, sometimes my ambition can go to the extreme and I will not allow anything to step in front of my goals or even wishes. I have been told, "I am stubborn and determined goal setter." My ambition can cause arguments with significant others because I see a way and they don't. I refuse to give up, I refuse to think, "this won't work." Until I have tried absolutely every obstacle and idea I will believe there is a way.

I sometimes find myself wishing to travel in Europe, or not have to work full time and devote myself to my decor business 100%, I wish to take educational classes in carpentry, I wish to have a Cadillac, I wish to have a larger home, I wish to be married....I could keep going. One thing though as I think about my wishes, I think these are all attainable, and many wishes I said years ago- I have today. I have made a reality and am forever blessed for the wishes.

I truly believe wishes are how you look at them, if you constantly make excuses or not driven enough for change. Then yes, those wishes will be unattainable, they will never happen and your constantly be wondering. If you want something bad enough, you have ambition and see the way to make it happen in reality then do it. Don't allow the scrutiny of others make you hold back on your wish.

I was told by someone that "Your never get rid of your autoimmune disease and will always be in pain." I thought about that sentence, and thought well part of it is true, I will never get rid of it as its incurable, unless in the name of God I was blessed with a miracle which they do happen. However I thought to myself, I will not ALWAYS be in pain, I will master and find away to get into remission and be a healthier me.

Perspective is totally important here- I am not my disease, my disease is not me- and I turned a wish into reality.

Do you believe wishes are unattainable? Do you believe that all wishes come true? Tell me what wishes you wish for?

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