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Favorite Holiday

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

What's Your Favorite Holiday?

OMG so I love holidays, but I admire the colder weather holidays more than any other season's holidays. Easter is fun- Fourth of July is exhilarating but Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are my ultimate favorites.

My daughter and I have always been fans of Halloween since she was 10 months old- I remember her first Halloween I dressed her up as a Tootsie Roll, she was not too happy about it but was the cutest Tootsie Roll I've ever seen! We have continued the Halloween traditions with various other costumes over the years and last year we were a box of crayons between her father, our dog Luke, Cintia and myself.

Cintia's First Halloween as a Tootsie Roll

Thanksgiving is always a chaotic holiday and typically a lot of traveling and dressing up just to stuff ourselves full. My favorite part about Thanksgiving or November would be the colors that are everywhere you go. This is the month or season that oranges, and browns come out in full force. When we feel warm and cozy just walking down the street. It truly inspires me to want to make everything with leaves or the color burnt orange. I get so wrapped up in this season to create more than any time of year. Thanksgiving we spend traveling to Tulsa and visiting our second family but I have goals to host and do Thanksgiving in my own home soon.

Christmas! Who doesn't love Christmas? One thing I always try and teach my daughter is Christmas is not about presents. That's hard to get across to an 8 year old sometimes. We have her volunteer each year early on Christmas morning passing out gifts to less fortunate children to teach her to value what she has. That there are many who wake up on Christmas with no tree, no presents and sometimes no family. This tugs at my heart more than anything and I want her to understand this early on.

The magical colors, lights and aura of Christmas makes you forget where you are sometimes. I used to look at Christmas lights and pretend I was in Paris or New York.

With my crafts it's my busiest time of year, making holiday personalized signs for families to surprise their loved one with. I get so heart felt when I get an order for a Military Cross or a Awareness Cross for a loved one at this time of year, we truly make it about someone else and that's truly what it's all about other than honoring our Lord and Savior's birth.


We enjoyed sharing our favorite seasons and holidays with you! Comment and share yours and why its your favorite!!!


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