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Balancing It All

So it is not new that a Modern Momma juggles and balances a lot!!! Regardless if she is single or married, us Queens have to multi task in way our Mothers did not.

What I have noticed in the recent years is how almost everyone you talk to has a side hustle, skill, talent and pushing for their own success in their own way! Nothing wrong with that, but you can probably count 5 friends while reading this who have their own business in some capacity, have a talent that could potentially turn into a business or a talent they benefit from financially. You probably support these friends and they probably support your gig too if this is applicable to you!

So how do you balance it all? Are you the Queen balancing the new baby, full time gig, social life, marriage and devoting time to assisting in the church, or community involvement?

The Queen who has more than one kiddo, has her own business, finishing college and seeking for financial gain and success?

Perhaps the Queen who doesn't have any kiddos, but she manages a success business, she balances a social life, involved in so many community events, has to be present at every gathering and is the face of big name industries.

Regardless what combination of Queen you are- how do you balance it all? Share with us in the comments what your balance load, how you self care, how you maintain and still make it look easy?

For me - I balance being a mother to a diva sassy ten year old daughter, a marriage, a full time job, running my own business in addition which includes builds, classes, woodwork plans, suppliers, vendors, consults, deliveries, networking, and marketing. I also try to keep a social life in addition to finding time for self care. What I also balance in between all of that is my health, which in itself feels like full time job - between going into remission from gastric cancer, to smiling through the pains of Rheumatoid Arthritis and spondylitis.

Many time I hear the following, "Gosh Tyler, when do you have the time or energy?"

"Tyler you are so strong I wish I could be as strong as you"

"I do not know how you do it all"

Truth is someone is probably looking at you and saying the exact same thing! We often don't notice those who use us or admire us as motivation for themselves. We spend so much time pointing out our own flaws, setbacks, failures and do not give ourselves enough grace and credit for our own balancing! Sista- let me tell you right now- you rock and girl I do not know how you do it but you do it with dignity and grace!

Take time to write down what you balance and next to it acknowledge how amazing you are to be able to do those things all at once. Write a positive affirmation to yourself for your daily, weekly and monthly accomplishments. Give your self a pat on the back and Queen keep rocking your crown.

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