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Hey Fans!!! It's MARCH finally!!! Does that mean spring is around the corner? Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons. Mild weather- not too hot or not too cold. However my allergies beg to differ...

Nonetheless, I would like to first give myself a hand clap.....because I finally face a fear of mine and filed for my LLC certificate as a company. You probably thinking- why was that a fear? Just pay the darn fee- make sure you file with the IRS and maintain your operating agreements right?

Well slightly- I say fear because I have fears at time of not being "good enough" to have certain things I am blessed with. Maintaining a small business and being able to make what people envision is a blessing but a fear that it's not how they envisioned it, not good enough, the wrong size, shape, color etc. I don't take the time to stop criticizing myself to see their appreciation and acceptance.

I wrote two weeks ago on "I'm Not Good Enough," I wanted to piggy back on that with Fears....

Now as adults our fears are different than when we were children. As a child we may have had a fear of the dark, a fear of the closet or under the bed. We may have had a fear of being alone, or of certain bugs. Those fears are so much better compared to many fears we face today.

Today many of us fear, loneliness still- we fear a break-up with someone we have spent years with. We fear a divorce we devoted our lives to, we fear not being able to find someone again to accept us as we are or being 100% committed. We fear being alone.

We start acting desperate to find someone and settle for anyone rather than being patient for what we deserve.

We fear finances, paying bills, maintaining a good paying job. We fear not getting that promotion at work, we fear the rise in prices or the lack of support from our government when we need it. We fear getting hurt at work, or not being able to take off days without losing money. Many of us work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and still not be able to provide as we desire.

Some fear growing themselves for the better

- making those goals and obtaining them. Wanting to go to college, get that degree, or take the next step. Some fear that it will take them away from family, they don't have time or simply can't afford it. Fears of starting your own business or getting acceptance and support from family and friends. Wanting people to see your serious about your goals and not just creating a hobby. A fear of managing time and dedication -

Fears come in many shapes and forms- we handle them in our own ways. Some one a spiritual level- letting God take over, some don't address their fears at all and choose to stay in fear and live that life. Is it worth it?

I will share some fears I have had and fears I have overcame or currently still overcoming:

1. Being honest and open about my childhood and years spent in and out of state's custody

2. Sharing my story and accepting not everyone will accept you

3. Becoming a single mother

4. Graduating college as single mother

5. Going back to school to get my Master's

6. Not getting the ideal job I desire

7. Not being able to grow my small business to the level I desire

8. My health

9. Losing friendships

10. Not being able to forgive and living with bitterness

An article from Forbes magazine says that most people set New Year's resolutions and the majority fail at their resolutions because of fear. They fear failing and not being good enough. Some even fear being too successful and it causing issues elsewhere. The article highlights 14 things to over come and conquer fear. See the link below to review the article.

What are some of your fears? Have you overcame them, are you going to overcome them?

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