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Hey Friends,

Sorry we have been MIA for a couple months- things have been crazy lately with all that is happening in the world! Did anyone imagine going into 2020 we would be in such a pandemic, that leads to protests against our governments and a divide of what is considered safe and what isn't.

We have actually been a bit busier in the store front and ordering side since the quarantine orders. People have more time on their hands, some have more money too. With that comes people realizing they want to redecorate a space, update an old project or many have moved to new homes to personalize. We are on board and open to help personalize all those different circumstances.

As a small business through these tough times we are grateful to be doing well. We do our best to support our other local businesses who maybe feeling that strain of the lock downs and social distancing guidelines.

It is important as consumers we do our best to accommodate these businesses as well, many of theme were established way before the larger big box stores came into town. Sometimes we may spend a little more at these places, but I believe it is worth it because the money stays local in the community.

A friend and I recently traveled to Broken Bow, Oklahoma and enjoyed a girls weekend in a cabin. It was nice and peaceful- we grilled, laid around, lounged in a hot tub and enjoyed the outdoors. One of the conversations we had coming home was we wanted to take a weekend just to go shopping at local boutiques around Oklahoma. We spoke of places from Stillwater to Norman, we even made it a point to stop at a local boutique in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

It was that conversation that made me so happy to have friends who not only love to shop, spend money but spend it in unique places that you can only find locally. We must do our best to not compare our friends businesses to Amazon, Walmart, Target or other larger corporations. I get inquiries daily from individuals seeking furniture projects and one line I see is, "well I could order it on Amazon for cheaper."

As a small business owner, my reply to that statement is, "then order it from them if you feel that is best for your pocket book and desire." I will never tell you not to spare some change. However if you ask my the difference of my product versus theirs, then yes I will definitely have a debate on that.

2020 has definitely shown the world a side of survival of the fittest, if your organization, or company was struggling before the pandemic it definitely was one of many that would never re-open their doors. 2020 has not only changed our society economically but also we are more cautious of each other, our mental capacity and anxiety is raised when we venture out of our homes. 2020 has brought many families together and re-united individuals in ways they didn't imagine.

However 2020 has also brought on more distance to many who were already struggling with depression, or anxiety. Now they are struggling alone as they social distance. It is important to check on those individuals and send them care packages and love. Remind them they aren't alone through this.

At the end of the year when we all look over our year in review, I certainly hope it restores so many individuals on how they were before to this year. More appreciative, more patient, understanding time for family and seeing that there is way more to life then always on the go and "I want it now."

How is your 2020 going? What have you learned through all of this? Are you a small business owner, if so share with us your business information so we can support you and share your credentials.

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