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2021....three months later

Well I see I have neglected the blog side of the website not intentionally though. I have a previous blog about "Is time on your side?" I am certain that I allowed time to NOT be on my side.

We made it through 2020, we made it through a headache of an election, we made it through the most diversified year, we made it through a year of racial divide and well we're still figuring out this darn COVID-19 pandemic. However, we have found a vaccine and numbers are decreasing as more are vaccinating. There is a ton of concerns regarding the vaccines, because how do we find a vaccine within a year for a wide spread virus but we are still scratching our heads on how to treat cancer, HIV and AIDS.

Nonetheless, we have walked into 2021 with expectations that it will be better than 2020. We joke and share meme's of how it is 2020 in disguise or with a wig on. Six days into our new year with new hopes and aspirations our Nation's capitol was attacked by our very own citizens. Regardless what political affiliation these individuals sided with, it was by far the most embarrassing and reckless display of protesting I have ever witnessed. Many would disagree, and they are entitled to their opinion, however I have seen peaceful

protests and demonstrations for teachers wanting higher wages, protests for anti-abortion and prolife demonstrators, I have witness Black Lives Matters walks and protests fighting police brutality. None of them displayed actions as those taken place on January 6, 2021.

We witnessed a new President be elected with the first female Vice President in America's history. Breaking the glass ceiling was a historical event for women world wide and minority women as this political figure was a minority herself. 2021 in itself has already taken ground changing shape to our society.

February brought the Midwest, North and East coast states a hellacious winter snow storm that brought on negative temperatures, excess snow in states that weren't equipment for such weather. Texas got the biggest beat down from the storms, and Oklahoma wasn't far behind with the utility companies not knowing how to properly maintain energy levels for properties resulting in purposeful rolling blackouts across their states. Leaving individuals vulnerable with no power, heat and many without proper medical equipment. Car crash pile ups occurred taking the lives of innocent people just trying to travel to work in such mess.

Fort Worth had a 133 car pile up killing over 6 individuals and injuring so many more. It was hard to watch the images and videos of cars and semis smashing into each other and nothing anyone could do to stop it. Here in Oklahoma City a car pile up occurred of 35 cars and killing one. It truly was national news worthy and made many question, is 2021 really my year?

So here we are March, the month that one year ago shut down our nation, shut down

our world. The month that distilled fear into everyone, the uncertainty of what is to come, the month we decided was the worst month of all months. March 2020. I recall being in NYC in March of 2020 when we got word of how truly disastrous this pandemic was and to get our behinds home because truly everything was shutting down. Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, schools, businesses, sporting events, hotels and more.

We were all sent home with computers, home office equipment, and told to go to work in the living room. Parents had to put on a new hat as teachers realizing that being a teacher wasn't as easy as it looked and presented a whole new found respect for our educators. Isolation wore on those who already battled depression, mental health issues and feelin alone. Now they were physically alone. We used Zoom to communicate, to make music, to do projects, to entertain, go to the doctor, class and work. March 2020 truly change the world, some for the better and some for the worse.

From March 2020-March 2021 it is reported from 2.4M deaths worldwide from COVID-19 cases, Those are 2.4M families lives were have been interrupted from never seeing a loved one again. 2.4M possible funerals, burials, or mass graves. 2.4M lives our frontline emergency workers engaged with, fought to save, spent countless nights caring for.

So March 2021 you have big shoes to fill and not in the same manner, actually completely opposite is the goal.

How has your life changed or altered since March 2020? Better? Worse?

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